Identity theft is key cybersecurity fear

Identity theft tops the list of the public's concerns on cybersecurity, research by RSA has revealed.

Research by RSA has revealed that identity theft tops the list of the public's concerns on cybersecurity.

With the exception only of the World Trade Center attack, fear of personal data being stolen, has done more than anything else to highlight concerns about cyber security.

Despite this, the survey of 1,000 people shows that 40% have failed to take any action.

Of those who implemented security measures, 39% installed anti-virus software, 23% reviewed their security policies of organisations holding personal data, and 21 had changed where they stored personal information.

"It is clear that identity theft is top-of-mind with consumers and we believe that protecting identity theft is everybody's responsibility," said John Worrall, RSA security vice president.

The survey revealed that many consumers are altering their buying patterns despite these concerns.

Of those that have made changes, 35% are more cautious about giving retailers personal information, 19% now refuse to give out credit card details online, and 18% have stopped making on-line purchases.

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