Telispark updates mobile suite

Enterprise mobility applications company Telispark is to roll out the latest version of its mobile application suite today...

Enterprise mobility applications company  Telispark is to roll out the latest version of its mobile application suite today (Monday), and has signed a contract with Shell for a pipeline maintenance project.

Telispark Mobile Enterprise 2.0, is designed to tie various back-end applications, such as enterprise resource planning, field service, supply chain and asset management applications, to workers in the field. The product works with Siebel Systems, Oracle, SA, Indus and other applications. 

Yankee Group analyst Eugene Signorini said the Telispark system works by "going from the outside in". Other approaches to tying workers in the field back to their home base usually come from the platform side and have involved large projects that try to "push any application to any device over any network", he said. 

The Telispark system works by first finding out what information an employee needs and then locating the right application in the back end that has that information.

Signorini said Telispark's background as a spin-off to Deloitte Consulting has helped it take a different look at the issue of how to keep employees connected to their home base which, he added, will help Telispark in a market generally wary of big platform-based products. 

"You cannot make a platform sell at this point; Chief information officers are not convinced that they need to invest in architecture," he said.

"Ultimately, these companies need to think about architecture. But right now they are looking at point solutions, for lack of a better term, for specific workgroups, and that is why this approach makes a lot of sense." 

Telispark 2.0 has a number of modules that cover a variety of business issues, including: 

  • WorkManager, which records the causes of equipment breakdowns, records work performed and keeps track of preventive and reactive maintenance performed on equipment. 
  • mTicket, which tracks repair requests and triggers work orders. 
  • mDepot, which accesses parts availability and orders any that are needed. 
  • mAsset, which checks on the condition of equipment.

Telispark 2.0 also has modules that capture forms and checklists; automate billing; search and retrieve equipment histories, configurations and licence agreements; and track any regulatory requirements. 

Shell Pipeline, a subsidiary of Shell Oil Products US, will equip its workers with Telispark 2.0 to maintain and inspect its pipelines and to ensure that the company is in compliance with government regulations.

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