Trend offers antispam protection for corporate users

Antivirus company Trend Micro is adding spam protection to its security offerings, licensing an antispam engine from Postini for...

Antivirus company Trend Micro is adding spam protection to its security offerings, licensing an antispam engine from Postini for use by its corporate customers.

The engine, which performs heuristic analyses of spam message contents and attributes, is capable of identifying spam messages even if they have been customised or have never been seen elsewhere on the Internet, according to Postini.

Trend Micro will license the Postini engine to its corporate customers as a software application that can run behind a firewall, according to Postini. As an alternative, corporate customers can contract directly with Postini, using that company's existing outsourced e-mail filtering services.

While Trend Micro customers will get the benefit of Postini's antispam technology and frequent updates to the engine's scanning heuristics, they will not get the full range of services offered to Postini's managed service customers, according to Doug McLean, vice president of marketing at Postini.

Among the services that will not be available to Trend Micro customers who deploy the antispam engine on their network are protections against hacker attacks based on SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol), e-mail management features, load balancing and disaster recovery services for messaging servers, McLean said.

The news from Postini comes as other leading antivirus software and service vendors are responding to the increased attention to the problem of spam messages by adding spam blocking capabilities to their enterprise products and services.

Network Associates recently announced that it is buying Deersoft, makers of the SpamAssassin software. NAI said that it would be rolling the SpamAssassin technology into its McAfee SpamKiller desktop product immediately, with later releases integrating the technology with its GroupShield and WebShield products for enterprise messaging servers and gateways.

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