Peoplesoft offers new CRM functions

Peoplesoft has launched what it calls the most significant release of its customer relationship management (CRM) software since...

Peoplesoft has launched what it calls the most significant release of its customer relationship management (CRM) software since the debut of its Web-based software last year, writes Antony Adshead.

The launch of Peoplesoft CRM 8.8 coincides with a new release of the company's portal-based, Web services-capable analytic tools, Enterprise Warehouse 8.8.

The latest iteration of the CRM software includes six new products, about 150 new features and new industry-specific modules for high-tech, insurance and energy.

Among the added features is the ability to have multi-level transactions with clients via e-mail and instant messaging as well as telephone.

Other highlights include enhancements to the Marketing module; a sales tool that can dynamically guide selling to customers; and a mobile order capture which can give price, discount order and quote information through a mobile device.

Thirty new analytical capabilities are built in and a new pricing module allows sales staff to take advantage of up to 200 business rules to provide customer-specific pricing.

The company said the product is now easier to set up through the introduction of a graphical configuration tool, pre-built integration points and built-in business processes.

The Enterprise Warehouse tools provide pre-packaged analytical content, a portal interface and Web services capabilities. According to Peoplesoft, the software will reduce the time and cost of deploying, managing and delivering enterprise analytics and enable users to get a consistent view of enterprise data and pre-defined business metrics.

Henry Morris, an analyst at IDC, said, "A packaged warehouse provides value by pre-defining processes and content, thereby reducing the time to get consistent reporting and analysis. It also provides a framework for deploying analytic applications that can positively impact an organisation's bottom line."

The Warehouse suite can be used with Peoplesoft's Enterprise Portal and consists of an operational data store for offline reporting, a datawarehouse for hosting analytical applications, and pre-defined data marts for multi-dimensional analysis.

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