ERP rollout boosts US Navy intranet project

A US Navy unit is rolling out an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system based on SAP's applications.

A US Navy unit is rolling out an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system based on SAP's applications.

The Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) is the first major Navy unit to be transitioned into the Navy/Marine Corps Intranet (N/MCI). The ERP project also marks the first test of the intranet's Community of Interest (COI) security architecture, said Scott Henderson, head of the Navy's N/MCI information assurance division.

"N/MCI has certainly had some challenges," said Susan Keen, chief of information at NAVAIR. "But with ERP, we're really having a chance to see execution of why the Navy pursued this programme, which is to give us the capability that individual organisations could never have had on their own."

The NAVAIR ERP rollout stems from a contract signed last year with SAP Public Services, a Washington-based division of SAP. NAVAIR is installing SAP's software with integration help from BearingPoint, formerly known as KPMG Consulting.

The first deployment will support 7,000 civilian, contractor and military users at 79 sites, including NAVAIR units in Japan and Italy. The second phase of the rollout is scheduled for January and will bring another 15,000 workers online.

"From an end-user perspective, we have not had one hiccup," Keen said, referring to the intranet's performance and the new security implementation.

"One of our challenges was overcoming some of the well-intentioned security efforts that we had in place across the Navy. By having things as simple as common implementations of standard firewalls, we [no longer] have those sorts of obstacles."

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