BEA, Togethersoft partner for Java Web services

BEA and Togethersoft have introduced a plug-in designed to enhance BEA's interactive development environment (IDE) within its Web...

BEA and Togethersoft have introduced a plug-in designed to enhance BEA's interactive development environment (IDE) within its Web software.

The product links TogetherSoft's ControlCenter Java modelling tool with BEA's visual Web services development framework. Developers can develop, deploy, and test J2EE applications, as well as build UML (Unified Modelling Language) models for Web services in ControlCenter that can be accessed via the server-side control framework in WebLogic Workshop.

"What this integration allows you to do is build components and the resulting Web services all from within TogetherSoft ControlCenter," said Indu Kodokula, director of business development at BEA.

WebLogic Workshop is optimised for building loosely coupled, asynchronous Web services, Kodokula said. An example of a coarse-grained Web service is would be a purchase order, with the data feed from the purchase order being a fine-grained Web service.

Analysts said the announcement would make it easier for development inWeblogic Workshop.

"BEA has built its own [Java] toolset, but that toolset isn't really aimed at the traditional Java developer, whereas TogetherSoft's tools are very well aimed at the traditional Java developers," said Thomas Murphy, senior program director at Meta Group.

"The IDE from BEA is very difficult. It isn't the traditional IDE that most Java developers are used to working in, with an editor, compiler, debugger-type of tool," Murphy said. WebLogic Workshop is oriented toward Visual Basic programmers, while TogetherSoft offers a traditional J2EE development.

Customers have tighter integration between BEA WebLogic Platform 7.0 and ControlCenter, enabling the building and connecting of components, data and application business logic in a visual environment.

JWS (Java Web Services) files can be deployed directly to BEA WebLogic Server directly from within ControlCenter.

The plug-in is free to existing TogetherSoft and BEA customers through the end of this year.

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