IBM ramps Informix integration plans

IBM is to move more of its Informix-bred database technologies to its own DB2 data management platform.

IBM is to move more of its Informix-bred database technologies to its own DB2 data management platform.

Meanwhile, DB2 technology is being fitted to the Domino messaging server IBM now owns via its Lotus acquisition.

Technologies from IBM's acquisition of Informix in 2001, such as the Cloudscape embedded Java database and Datablades, which manage special data types, are being migrated to IBM platforms.

The development teams for Cloudscape and IBM's embedded database, DB2 Everyplace, have been combined, said Janet Perna, general manager of IBM's data management software group. DB2 Everyplace runs on embedded Linux and the Pocket PC platforms.

"Lotus, Tivoli and systems management groups within IBM are using some of the Cloudscape technology as the persistent data store for caching information," Perna said. "We're continuing to use that technology internally for developing new products."

IBM also is adding Informix technologies to DB2 such as Datablades, database connectors, SQL functions, and utilities.

Datablades including time series, for running information such as stock ticker data in a database, and real-time data loading, are being moved to DB2 within 18 months. Also being migrated in that timeframe is a geodetic Datablade, for three-dimensional views of data.

"It's a limited market." said Tony Rosamilla, vice president and general manager of worldwide data management and development at IBM's Silicon Valley Lab, of the geodetic product. "But for those that it's important to, it's a very important market."

Geodetic technology can be used for viewing data in applications such as security, he said.

IBM already has ported the Informix spatial Datablade to DB2. Spatial data includes objects such as stores, facilities, street networks, homes, and moving vehicles.

While IBM is bolstering the Informix database with functions such as XML support, the company suggests that new deployments move to DB2.

Additionally, IBM is working to migrate Lotus Domino technologies to DB2, according to IBM officials.

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