11 September: One year on

A year after the attack on the World Trade Center, have there been significant improvements in national and corporate IT...

A year after the attack on the World Trade Center, have there been significant improvements in national and corporate IT security? Were a similar catastrophe to happen, would we be better prepared for a swift recovery? CW360.com examines the evidence.

IT infrastructure a lot more secure, promises Government
The UK is prepared for an attack on its critical national IT infrastructure, government agencies promised today, despite calls from experts for more action.
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What have we learned? UK directors speak out
British IT directors have seen business continuity management and disaster recovery issues climb the corporate agenda. Here's what they learned from 11 September.
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Disaster recovery is vital - so what's on offer?
Since 11 September, leading disaster recovery solutions providers are being kept busy. If you haven't already updated your disaster recovery plan, now is the time to do so.
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Wireless technology proves its worth
Wireless technology played a key part in allowing merchant bank Merrill Lynch re-establish its New York operations in the days after the World Trade Center attacks. However, many companies are still concerned about security issues.
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Giga report: Emergency wireless initiatives
Governments around the world have realised the importance of maintaining enough capacity on their wireless networks to deal with any emergency.
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Mission critical: Joining up US government infrastructure
The US government has launched a monumental IT project to re-architect hundreds of standalone systems with the aim of creating a unified architecture for domestic and defence agencies.
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Are our civil liberties under attack?
UK campaigners claim the Government has reacted to the New York outrage with an unprecedented attack on civil liberties.
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Interview: Ask yourself what your vulnerabilities are, say Bush officials
Richard Clarke and Howard Schmidt have been charged with securing the US government infrastructure. They aim to be an example to the private sector.
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Are your business continuity plans up to scratch?
Earlier this year the Financial Services Authority published a detailed business continuity checklist for the businesses it regulates. How does your strategy match up?
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