ATG updates commerce and portal platform

Art Technology Group (ATG) has rolled out ATG6, an enhanced version of its J2EE-based commerce and portal platform designed to...

Art Technology Group (ATG) has rolled out ATG6, an enhanced version of its J2EE-based commerce and portal platform designed to increase sales and automate self-service on the Web.

Incorporating technology from partners, ATG6 adds three new product modules to its Commerce, Portal and Relationship Management Platform.

The ATG Publishing module is designed to simplify the overall publishing process by accelerating the creation and management of online elements such as catalogues, price lists and promotions, according to Fumi Matsumoto, vice-president of technology at ATG.

Using technology from Hyperion, the ATG Analytics module collects information from ATG products to help business users spot trends in customer behaviour. Integration with Hyperion's OLAP engine, Essbase XTD, provides tools such as pre-built reports, performance measurement and trend analysis.

Meanwhile, the ATG Search module incorporates information retrieval technology from Autonomy to bolster the product's search capabilities. ATG Search will allow users to retrieve and index file and database content from ATG applications as well as content stored on internal and external Web sites.

The module uses keyword, concept ranking, advanced Boolean and parametric search techniques to return results.

The aim is to combine multiple capabilities into a single offering that gives enterprises an efficient and effective way of interacting with partners and customers, according to Matsumoto.

"It is a holistic approach to managing relationships with all different kinds of customers. Managing the entire life cycle of those relationships is a real challenge," Matsumoto said.

ATG also introduced ATG Integrations, which is a combination of software, services and best practices that connect ATG products to back-end systems and other enterprise applications.

Integration is designed to provide a unified view of an enterprise's customers across both online and more traditional channels, company officials said.

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