TechXNY: NxLight bucks Web services timetable

NxLight has rolled out an environment with the aim of increasing widespread adoption Web services standards.

NxLight has rolled out an environment with the aim of increasing widespread adoption Web services standards.

The transaction platform developer officially launched the NxLight Transaction Network (NTN) at the TechXNY show in New York. NTN is one of the early examples of a practical, working Web services environment.

Designed specifically for vertical industries, the NTN environment electronically facilitates an entire transaction process such as insurance applications, contracts, and government filings. Its primary claim is that it can dramatically reduce the time and cost associated with manual, paper-based transaction processes.

NxLight executives report the company recently signed on two financial institutions as customers, while NTNs are in operation with the State of Utah and Novell.

The transaction platform incorporates a self-contained XML processing engine and a stateless architecture, giving it the advantage of avoiding direct database connections. As a result, the network can simultaneously handle the multiple processes required to complete the transaction.

NxLight is the first company to apply IP packet types to enforceable transactions and, as such, has patents pending, claimed president and chief operating officer, Douglas Clark.

NTN does not require any "fancy APIs" and is agnostic when it comes to using Web services platforms such as J2EE or .net, according to executive vice-president Jeffrey Jones.

"We're higher up the stack, this is application-level Web services," Jones explained. NTN uses XML to embed Web services instructions in transaction statements, giving it the ability to support Web services as they emerge from standards bodies or directly from vendors such as IBM and Microsoft, he said. "Whatever they do, we will support. Those standards are not designed to be driven down into enforceability."

NTN is available now on a licence basis as a set of online and offline-based services.

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