Borland to unveil app server and embedded database

Borland Software is to announce Borland Enterprise Server 5.1 this week, which features enhanced support for Web services,...

Borland Software is to announce Borland Enterprise Server 5.1 this week, which features enhanced support for Web services, proactive application management and performance improvements.

Also on tap from the company is JDataStore 6, a platform-independent Java database for embedded, Web and mobile database applications.

Enhanced Web services support in Enterprise Server 5.1 enables companies to deploy existing applications without having to modify them. Client Soap (Simple Object Access Protocol) requests are converted and directed to the appropriate Java, Corba, MDB (Message-Driven Beans), or EJB (Enterprise JavaBeans) component.

"For the first time, we've really beefed up the support for Web services. It is now possible for Enterprise Server to expose its EJBs, Corba components and Java classes without any modification," said Frank Slootman, senior vice-president of software tools at Borland.

Management enhancements provide for restoration of applications without human intervention to maximise uptime and reduce operational costs, according to Borland. Version 5.1 complies with the J2EE (Java 2 Enterprise Edition) 1.3 specification.

Also featured is tighter integration with the Borland JBuilder development environment for faster deployment cycles. Optimisation wizards make performance tuning and clustering easier. Corba event notification services are provided in the VisiBroker Edition of the Enterprise Server.

JDataStore 6 becomes a standalone product with the new release. It will continue to be bundled with JBuilder.

"Basically, what we've done is we're taking JDataStore and creating it as a standalone product because we've had a lot of feedback from our customers who are interested in performance," said John Arthur, general manager of database solutions at Borland.

The database provides high-performance and synchronisation capabilities with other databases. Support for the SQL92 standard also has been added.

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