Extensity rolls out new ERM solution

Extensity will unveil the latest version of its employee relationship management (ERM) solution today, which aims to help...

Extensity will unveil the latest version of its employee relationship management (ERM) solution today, which aims to help companies boost bottom-line results through integrated tracking and controlling of employee-based financial processes such as expense reporting and time sheets.

The company will also announce that it has embedded technology from BEA Systems, Business Objects, and Sun Microsystems in the new Extensity 6 suite to provide richer reporting, improved usability and enhanced deployment.

For most corporations, up to 40% of all expenditures - such as travel, overtime, and procurement - is in the hands of the employees, said Mark Oney, senior vice- president of engineering at Extensity. But despite this, these have been areas that finance departments have, traditionally, had little control over because data was housed in disparate systems, Oney added.

"[Extensity 6] is optimising the relationship between employees and their company," he said. "Our customers have been able to realise a very hard ROI by applying our applications such as expense reporting, travel planning and processing and time sheets."

The product is designed to deliver rich analytics and real-time monitoring across the corporation. Through an optimised reporting database, Extensity 6 provides analytics via standard reports or a variety of customised reports using either a customer's own tools or the embedded business objects tools.

BEA's Java-based WebLogic Server provides the base for Extensity's back-end server components and brings the Java and Java Enterprise standards to the development, integration, deployment, and management of Extensity's applications.

Extensity 6 also uses WebLogic's clustering, monitoring, and management tools to ease administration. Since BEA WebLogic 6.1 is an embedded component of Extensity 6, customers get the benefits of WebLogic's scalability and performance, without the complexity of setting up an application server.

From Business Objects, Extensity is exploitinging WebIntelligence, the integrated query, reporting, and analysis solution for the Web, and Business Objects InfoView, a business intelligence portal that collects and consolidates organisations' business intelligence information and presents it to users.

Extensity embeds Sun's J2EE (Java 2 Enterprise Edition).

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