JVC extends InterLink sub-notebook line

Japanese electronics firm JVC is giving its small-size mobile PC line-up a boost with the launch of two more powerful models...

Japanese electronics firm JVC is giving its small-size mobile PC line-up a boost with the launch of two more powerful models running the Windows XP operating system.

The company already sells several machines under the InterLink CE name based on Microsoft's Windows CE operating system. The new machines, which carry the InterLink XP name, represent a step up in terms of computing pedigree and will compete against Toshiba's Libretto and Sony's Vaio C1 sub-notebook computers, which were launched in May.

The new JVC machines are the MP-XP7120, which features a Pentium III-M 800MHz processor and Windows XP Professional Edition, and MP-XP3210, featuring an Intel Mobile Celeron processor running at 650MHz with Windows XP Home Edition. To match the faster processor, the 7120 has 256Mbytes of memory and a 30Gbyte hard disk drive compared with 128Mbytes of memory and a 20Gbyte hard disk drive on the 3210.

Both new models have an 8.9-inch widescreen polysilicon TFT liquid crystal display that can display 16.8 million colors and support 1,024 by 600 pixel resolution, a Sound Blaster Pro audio card, 2 USB1.1 sockets, 1 i.Link (IEEE1394) connector, 1 Ethernet connector, 1 PC Card slot and 1 SD (Secure Digital) memory card slot.

Compared to the main competition from Toshiba and Sony, the JVC fares well in terms of size. It is several centimetres narrower than both the Libretto and Vaio C1 and matches the depth of the C1. In terms of height, the machine is thicker than the Toshiba and Sony machines, which are both 2cm thick. Users will also find the InterLink XP's keyboard, which has a keypitch of 16mm and a keystroke of 1.5mm, is smaller than the smaller than its competition.

The computers are expected to go on sale in Japan from late June and in Germany shortly afterwards. JVC is currently considering whether or not to sell the new models in other areas, including the USA and Asia. In Japan, the 3210 is expected to cost around ¥160,000 (£867) and the 7210 is expected to retail for around ¥210,000 (£1,139).

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