IBM launches tools to ease database administration

IBM has launched two new tools designed to lower the administrative costs of databases as well as improve their performance...

IBM has launched two new tools designed to lower the administrative costs of databases as well as improve their performance through a number of self-managing capabilities.

IBM's DB2 Recovery Expert offers administrators simplified recovery features and a range of diagnostic and self-managing capabilities designed to minimise database problems.

The second tool, called the DB2 Performance Expert, is designed to consolidate reports and analyses, and to recommend changes to DB2 performance-related information.

The new tools represent the first fruits of IBM's Self Managing and Resource Tuning (SMART) database initiative that has been focusing on accelerating autonomic computing in database technology.

IBM has also announced it is expanding its multiplatform series of tools, including the DB2 High Performance Unload, which is intended to quickly and efficiently unload and extract data from DB2 so that it can be shared across the enterprise. The company also unveiled the DB2 Table Editor, which can access updates and delete data existing across multiple DB2 database platforms including Informix and the DB2 Web Query Tool, which allows for users to be directly connected to multiple enterprise-class databases regardless of their location.

"The whole idea behind autonomic computing is to help database administrators reduce database complexity and improve the quality of their service. It is generally believed now that system administration can account for the lion's share of the total cost of database ownership," said John Charlson, an IBM company spokesman.

In a recent report The Aberdeen Group said that system administration can account for 75% of the overall total cost of maintaining ownership of an enterprise-class database.

Charlson added, however, that while the new tools automate what in the past have traditionally been human tasks, they should not result in IT workers being replaced given that there is already a shortage of trained professionals carrying out those tasks.

IBM has also rolled out 15 enhanced tools targeted at its zSeries of mainframes. Some of those include the DB2 Administration Tool, for administrators responsible for keeping DB2 performing at peak levels; the DB2 High Performance Unload tool, a high-speed DB2 utility for unloading DB2 tables from either a tablespace or an image copy; and the DB2 SQL Performance Analyzer for users who need to do extensive analysis of SQL queries without executing them, as well as tuning their performance.

The new multiplatform tools will be made generally available on 26 July while the DB2 Recovery Expert will be available on 27 September. The zSeries eServer database tools will be made available by 26 July.

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