Startup links Instant Messaging to apps

Vayusphere has introduced a software platform that combines Instant Messaging (IM) with an application integration gateway to...

Vayusphere has introduced a software platform that combines Instant Messaging (IM) with an application integration gateway to connect workers with back-end applications.

The Vayusphere Instant Response Server (IRiS) 2.0 contains a presence server, a Response Agent Server, enterprise application integration (EAI) capabilities, and IM capabilities.

The Response Agent Server is designed to manage bi-directional interactions between enterprise applications and workers. The platform also includes a development environment for creating custom agents on any Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) or .net application server, said Pushpendra Mohta, founder and chief executive officer of Vayusphere.

By tapping Web services protocols Soap and Web Services Description Language (WSDL), IRiS can initiate real-time sessions with people and other applications, the company claimed.

For example, using IRiS a CRM application could access a list of all available field technicians and notify them in real time in the event of a technical problem.

"Connecting distributed workers to customer service applications is where there is a real win for organisations," Mohta said.

In addition to development capabilities, the company offers pre-built Response Agents for CRM applications such as Siebel, Remedy, Clarify and Computer Associates Service Desk.

IRiS sits between enterprise applications, such as CRM and IM networks, creating a dialogue between a person on the IM side and an application on the enterprise side, Mohta said.

"Applications can now push IMs to workers and notify them of problems they need to work on," he said. "Vayusphere extends the [IM] contact list to include not only people but other applications and services in the organisation," he said.

Vayusphere's IM Standard Edition is available now free of charge or can be purchased as part of IRiS 2.0, which is also available.

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