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Edify upgrades CRM solutionEdify has released version 8.0 of its enterprise-based customer relationship management (CRM) system...

Edify upgrades CRM solutionEdify has released version 8.0 of its enterprise-based customer relationship management (CRM) system with upgrades to its multichannel platform for CRM and Virtual Customer Service Representative applications.

New features include a Contact Centre Suite with a new Web-based desktop that supports complete multimedia concurrence; an integrated development environment and architecture for multimodal customer interaction supporting Voice XML, WML, Salt, and HTML/XHTML; and eService applications that mix statistical and deep linguistic processing natural language understanding technologies to provide not only Web navigation and e-mail routing, but also the personalised fulfilment of customer data and transactions.

Prices start at $50,000 (£35,000) per server.

Vector backs Pentagon standard
UK PC management specialist Vector Networks has launched a new version of its remote control product, PC-Duo. A comprehensive range of encryption options ranging from 56-bit Data Encryption Standard (DES) through to the recently announced Pentagon-driven 256 bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) have been added. Users can set the level of encryption to find the right balance between security and performance to suit individual requirements.

Other new features include extra chat functions, command line options, and enhanced dynamic host configuration protocol support. Prices start at £545 for a 10-user licence.

New multifunction printers
Lexmark has extended its range of multifunction devices with the release of two models that combine printing, copying, faxing and scanning with document routing processes such as scan to e-mail.

The Lexmark X620e (pictured) can serve up to 40 users, has a monochrome, 30-page-per-minute printer output but scans in colour. To facilitate the routing capabilities, it can be integrated into network security and can access existing corporate address books, thus avoiding the need for additional software and an extra database.

The Lexmark X750e offers the same features as the X620e but includes colour output.

Tarantella orbits iPlanet portal
Internet Infrastructure has released the Tarantella Enterprise 3 Integration Pack for Sun's iPlanet Portal Server, a key component of the Sun Open Net Environment.

Enterprise 3 provides managed and secure Web access to enterprise mainframe, Windows, AS/400, Java, Linux, and Unix applications. Tarantella says the software provides the mechanism to deliver both new and existing applications securely through the iPlanet Portal Server. New features include full channel integration, single sign-on and secure Netlet access.

Bowstreet adds virtual coders
Bowstreet has released the fifth version of its flagship product Bowstreet Factory 5. It includes more than 100 Bowstreet Builders "virtual programmers" that enable programmers to create highly adaptive Web applications that assemble and reassemble themselves based on changing customer, partner and employee needs.

The Bowstreet Factory 5 automated assembly environment complements industry-standard application server platforms from BEA Systems, IBM and Sun Microsystems. The company says its product can help Web services-based applications automatically perform and co-ordinate construction and assembly tasks at runtime, such as using correct Web pages, integrating the right legacy IT assets, calling the required Web services, directing site navigation and controlling application logic.

New SCSI hard disc drive
Maxtor is now shipping its next-generation SCSI hard disc drive. The device is designed for users that require large capacity and faster data transfer rates for high-bandwidth applications. The Maxtor Atlas 10K III U320 73Gbyte drive is the first 10,000rpm hard drive to feature the new Ultra320 interface for storing and transferring enterprise-class data at burst speeds of up to 320mbps - double that of the previous industry-leading SCSI interface, the Ultra160.

The Atlas 10K III U320 drive can interoperate with key SCSI and Raid controller products from the likes of Adaptec, ATTO, LSI Logic and Mylex and storage solutions from Eurologic, nStor, Storcase and Xyratex.

SGI unveils F220 flat-panel monitor
Silicon Graphics has launched its F220 flat panel display, a monitor it calls a "state-of-the-art" 22-inch display offering high-resolution support and top image quality for Silicon Graphics workstations. The F220, which offers a resolution of 1600x1024dpi in a wide-aspect ratio, enables more accurate image representation and crisper display for advanced graphics applications in the manufacturing, medical imaging, animation, simulation and broadcast fields.

Features include picture-in-picture functionality that allows users to watch VCR/DVD in a subwindow while using the computer; digitally controlled autoscanning; analog (VGA) input and digital (DVI-D) input; a built-in scaler from 640x480dpi to 1920x1200dpi; an easy-to-use image control switching with either soft-touch buttons on the front panel or remote control; and integrated audio with side speakers. The F220 is priced £3,098.

Linux anti-virus protection
Central Command's Vexira Antivirus is now available for Linux servers and workstations. The proactive virus protection applications combine both high-speed virus scanning and innovative virus detection technology, protecting against Dos, Windows, Linux, OS/2, and Unix-based viruses.

Up to 20 real-time virus protection modules (daemons) can be loaded in memory, sharing the virus scanning operations and reducing the performance degradation normally associated with intense virus scanning operations. Integrating the real-time virus protection enables files to be scanned as they are read, written, created, and executed to ensure maximum virus protection.

New features include automatic virus removal and renaming, e-mail notifications to system administrators, custom report creation, automatic updating, definable path protection and archive virus scanning.

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