IT consultancies launch vertical industrysoftware

PwC Consulting and Deloitte Consulting have launched separate bundles of software and services, for the insurance and consumer...

PwC Consulting and Deloitte Consulting have launched separate bundles of software and services, for the insurance and consumer packaged goods industries respectively.

PwC Consulting introduced a suite of software and services for creators and distributors of insurance products.

The bundle includes pre-built, third-party software that PwC Consulting will package, install and integrate for clients. The suite can be implemented in phases and can be tailored to the needs of the clients. Clients also have the option to either install the software in-house or have it hosted off-site by PwC Consulting.

The suite can help automate insurance-related business processes, including the development and launching of insurance products, the acquisition and subsequent retaining of clients, the management of relationships with insurance agents and the servicing of claims, PwC Consulting said.

Meanwhile, Deloitte Consulting has struck up an alliance with Frictionless Commerce to provide software and services for consumer packaged goods companies that need help automating their purchasing processes.

The two packages highlight what analyst Forrester Research identifies as a growing trend in business process outsourcing.

"Historically, technology outsourcers grew by adding a broad mix of IT offerings - including services as diverse as application development and network management," wrote Forrester analyst Christine Spivey Overby in a recent report on US outsourcing.

"But given clients' demand for deep industry and process skills, business process outsourcers must grow revenue through closely related services, not a bloated solutions portfolio," she added.

PwC Consulting and Deloitte Consulting are the IT and business consulting units of Big Five accounting firms PricewaterhouseCoopers and Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu.

Both parent companies announced this year that they intend to separate their consulting units from their core audit businesses.

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