IBM reshapes Tivoli with raft of business management products

IBM has announced more than 30 new and upgraded systems management products as the foundation of its automated and server...

IBM has announced more than 30 new and upgraded systems management products as the foundation of its automated and server integration-friendly Business Impact Management strategy for Tivoli Systems customers.

The latest portfolio is designed to help customers close the gap between business process results and infrastructure management of complex multivendor systems through a predictive-based model.

The approach will lend itself toward pinpointing and prioritising potential problems surrounding application, server, or network-level management before performance or IT operation is affected, said Carl Kessler, vice-president of products, for the Tivoli IBM Software Group.

Kessler signalled that IBM Tivoli Service Level Advisor (SLA) was one of the most significant new products. The product offers customers the capability to predict outages based on performance analysis metrics and managed service levels.

"The real problems our customers face are much more [about] predicting [issues]," Kessler said. "Most of the time it's the mundane that keep things from working well. We can address that."

Kessler said future versions of IBM Tivoli Service Level Advisor, arriving as early as next year, should be able to plug into an assortment of systems management platforms as well as Tivoli.

Another major product announcement from IBM is the IBM Tivoli Enterprise Data Warehouse. Constructed to use DB2 technology, the data warehouse solution is capable of archiving systems management data from multiple vendors across a variety of domains.

Through consolidation of performance information across multiple applications and business objectives, IBM Tivoli Enterprise Data Warehouse is bringing Tivoli customers IBM's infrastructure and data extraction strength to the product. This should bring stability to traditionally complex management, said analyst Audrey Rasmussen, vice-president of Enterprise Management Associates.

"If you have multiple management products deployed, often they have their own databases. Often the nuggets are scattered all over the infrastructure," Rasmussen said.

"Now if it's pulled into the data warehouse, there are opportunities for users to go through and look at trends and have better co-ordination of management data coming from a lot of disparaged sources."

By embedding Tivoli technology inside IBM's WebSphere application server, Rasmussen said, customers can expect a breadth and depth of management and information other end-users will be forced to gather through application plug-ins.

"It's nice to see [IBM] pulling the infrastructure and management pieces to provide more value for Tivoli clients," she added.

Other IBM product announcements include:

  • IBM Directory Server 4.1. Based on Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), the product enables identification of users and resources across an enterprise. The directory server will be shipped free in Tivoli solution offerings.

  • IBM Tivoli Switch Analyser. Features auto-discovery and population of all network layer-2 switches.

  • IBM Tivoli Enterprise Console Integration with NetView. Combined to form advanced multilayer root-cause analysis and event correlation automation.

  • IBM Tivoli Privacy Wizard. Available for free download, the wizard produces and manages a platform-agnostic, automated XML-version of an organisation's privacy policy for various data types.

  • IBM Tivoli Storage Manager 5.1. Improved performance, expanded storage device/library, and platform support for Windows, Sun Solaris, Novell NetWare, Macintosh, HP-UX, and IBM AIX.

IBM has also simplified and repackaged Tivoli product family suites to consolidate and offer multiple CDs and integrated technology for customers.

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