EMC and Compaq boost storage offerings

Storage specialist EMC and Compaq Computer have announced new networked storage appliances.

Storage specialist EMC and Compaq Computer have announced new networked storage appliances.

EMC has announced new hardware, software and service offerings for its Celerra file server.

The company said its new products satisfy the emerging needs of companies that use networked-attached storage (NAS) for core business functions. Such companies rely on NAS products to help them manage and consolidate growing amounts of file-based data such as e-mail, Web content and user directories containing documents, presentations, spreadsheets and graphics.

"Many customers who adopted NAS for the cost and productivity benefits of file-based consolidation have now scaled their infrastructures to a level that demands a higher level of NAS capability. With today's announcements, EMC is extending the promise of NAS while at the same time delivering the hyperconsolidation, platform automation and business continuity that today's enterprises require," David Donatelli, EMC's executive vice-president of platforms said.

EMC said its new NAS hyperconsolidation offerings help companies reduce costs by allowing them to use fewer servers to serve larger volumes and more types of information.

The hyperconsolidation products include the Celerra Data Mover 510. Acting as a cluster of up to 14 dedicated file servers within Celerra, the new dual-processor design of the Data Mover 510 provides double the capacity, performance and connectivity of the previous-generation Celerra.

EMC also touted its Celerra HighRoad enhancements - software that provides intelligent multipath file sharing on a large scale. Celerra HighRoad software now offers local file system replication through EMC's TimeFinder software, Fail Safe networking to protect against IP network failures, internationalisation support and virtual LAN support.

The company said the new platform automation capabilities will help enterprises automate their system installation, data migration, configuration and management.

The platform automation products include the Celerra Configuration Wizard. This new tool automates and accelerates the implementation of large and complex configurations and is aimed at eliminating manual errors and shortening time-to-production for NAS environments.

EMC said its business continuity products will create an unbreakable information infrastructure for protection and production, with offerings ranging from tape backups to real-time remote data replication.

Brad Nisbet, an IDC analyst, said EMC's announcements are important because they show that the company is committed to improving the features and functionality of its NAS products.

Meanwhile Compaq has announced the StorageWorks SAN Switch 2/16, which is designed to transfer data at up to 2Gbps over Fibre Channel networks. The switch has better transfer speeds than its predecessor and can be installed in pairs to create a backbone for linking storage-attached network systems.

Compaq has also unveiled a pair of Enterprise Virtual Array expansion cabinets so customers can increase their disk capacity by cabling the "sidecar" cabinets to existing arrays.

The company has also updated its Array Controller Software by adding several patches to existing products.

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