Intel set to launch mobile Pentium 4

Intel plans to unveil the Pentium 4 processor for notebook computers in early March.

Intel plans to unveil the Pentium 4 processor for notebook computers in early March.

The mobile Pentium 4 will be launched on 4 March, according to an invitation sent by Intel to European journalists.

Intel declined to provide official further details on the processor, but a company insider said the mobile Pentium 4 would initially be available in 1.6GHz and 1.7GHz versions, moving up to 2GHz by the end of the year.

The Pentium 4 is currently only available for desktops, with a recently announced 2.2GHz version topping the list.

Pricing of the mobile Pentium 4 processors, when bought in 1,000-unit quantities, will start at about the level of the mobile Pentium III 1.2GHz, Intel's current top mobile processor, which is listed at $508 (£358).

This implies a mobile Pentium III price cut will coincide with the mobile Pentium 4 launch. The mobile Pentium III processor series will slowly be phased out, according to the source.

Several notebook PC makers, including Toshiba, will announce systems with the new processor together with the processor introduction, the source said.

The mobile Pentium 4 and the accompanying 845MP chipset offer the performance benefits of a desktop Pentium 4, but tailored for mobile use. An enhanced version of Intel's SpeedStep technology, for example, slows down the processor when the laptop is running on battery power, while another technology makes the system use less power when in sleep mode.

The 845MP chip set is similar to the 845 chip set used in the desktop Pentium 4 system. It includes a 400MHz processor-system bus, Intel's NetBurst architecture and supports the DDR SDRAM memory type.

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