New Patrol to look after webMethods

BMC Software and webMethods have teamed up to provide a management solution designed to ensure the availability and performance...

BMC Software and webMethods have teamed up to provide a management solution designed to ensure the availability and performance of webMethods' integration platform.

Patrol for webMethods is designed to optimise the health of the integration platform with proactive management to prevent transaction failure and downtime that can affect revenue.

"What we're doing by creating Patrol for webMethods is to give companies that have implemented webMethods the solution to manage that environment," said Jim Byrd, a senior product manager at BMC. "We're taking our service level management capabilities, and now we're able to include webMethods components so we can begin to look at overall business processes. [The solution] will give webMethods users the ability to more confidently realise the return on investment they are projecting by implementing webMethods," Byrd said.

Patrol for webMethods is designed to maximise the availability of business process operations by monitoring and managing the webMethods integration platform, the technology responsible for creating those processes. It automatically alerts operators to potential problems with the integration platform, allowing customers to locate and determine the status of critical components responsible for executing business transactions.

"If servers are getting clogged up or are encountering problems, we can automatically shut them down and restart them," Byrd said. "We automatically discover all the adapters in the environment. Once all these adapters are discovered, we can provide ongoing availability management and monitoring."

The new solution supports products currently available from webMethods. As announced last autumn, BMC Software plans to support the Open Management Interface (OMI) specification for managing business processes, and will deliver an enhanced version of Patrol for webMethods in the future to support that standard, officials said.

BMC Software's management approach has proved successful for Qwest Cyber Solutions in the past, said Brad Clay, senior director of engineering. The new solution will be a powerful tool to proactively manage the webMethods integration platform, a crucial part of Qwest's ASP offering, where the company cannot afford to have anything impact its delivery of hosted applications to its customers, he added.

Patrol for webMethods is scheduled to be available in March. Pricing is based on server size and starts at $5,000 (£3,507).

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