Oracle adds Daily Business Close tool to its suite

Oracle has launched what it claims will be the jewel in its E-Business Suite.

Oracle has launched what it claims will be the jewel in its E-Business Suite.

The Daily Business Close tool is intended to offer executives a daily rundown on key metrics across all lines of their business.

Oracle says its Daily Business Close is an example of the benefits of its all-in-one philosophy on enterprise data consolidation and automation.

The tool draws on the E-Business Suite's single database to deliver reports drawn from the various application modules. Oracle likens the reports - which are viewed in a Web browser and can be set up to display information relevant to the reader - to a daily newspaper covering a company's operations.

Daily Business Close can deliver information on a company's customers, staff, suppliers, partners and finances, said Oracle's vice-president of marketing, Lisa Arthur. This makes it not only a tool for financial departments, but also for marketing, sales and support departments, she added.

Information once available to executives only at the close of a month or a quarter can now be reviewed on a daily basis, said Arthur.

"We see this as the next evolution of the Oracle E-Business Suite, which will give executives daily business-line trends to drive change in their business. Management by fact, which requires information, is key for companies not only to be competitive but to lead in their market spaces," she said.

Daily Business Close will begin shipping as part of the Oracle E-Business Suite's Business Intelligence offering within 60 days, Oracle said. Pricing information has not been announced.

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