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The shortlist of candidates for the Computer Weekly E-Business Excellence Awards has been drawn up. These five organisations have...

The shortlist of candidates for the Computer Weekly E-Business Excellence Awards has been drawn up. These five organisations have all been shortlisted for the e-recruitment and training award.

National College for School Leadership - checking teachers' suitability for headship
This application allows candidates applying for places on the national Professional Qualification for headship course to either submit their application online or by post. Teachers visiting the National College for School Leadership (NCSL) site first complete an online self-assessment form, which evaluates their readiness for headship. Depending on the results, they can then apply by downloading the electronic form directly from the Web site or by registering online for an application form on CD to be posted to their home.

On receiving the completed form, it is checked and any discrepancies are escalated for exception handling by e-mail. Once the information has been validated by the NCSL database, the application is acknowledged and referee forms are dispatched by e-mail. All candidate information is stored on a central database that is fed to 10 NCSL datacentres. The application allows the datacentres to interrogate the central database online. Each bi-annual intake attracts about 2,300 applications. Nearly 50% of these are now made online, which has helped save the organisation time in correcting application errors.

Ceridian Europe - employee access to remuneration and tax information
Cmyself is the new online service from Centrefile, a subsidiary of the Ceridian Corporation which provides employer services including payroll and human resources solutions. The service is a content and commerce portal for employees, delivering a range of payroll and HR benefits to its client base of employers represents 1.5 million employees. Cmyself has been designed to support the day-to-day working lives of these employees as well as providing an additional communication channel for the employer. It also empowers individuals by giving them access to their own information. Employee payslips are now available at any time, anywhere in the world.

The portal also provides services such as: Cmypay - secure access to current and historical payslips; Cmytax - personalised tax information with a link to the Inland Revenue Web site; Cmyfinance - online financial services including access to a banking facility; and Cmyshopping - offering personalised, discounted retail offers from selected partners.

BT Ignite Solutions - online training and careers road-maps
BT Ignite's training portal - for all BT sales force, Ignite employees and anyone in BT who requires an overview of Ignite's portfolio - offers online, e-learning training for Ignite solutions. It also holds information on traditional tutor-led courses, such as course menus, schedules of dates and content synopses. There are also career road-maps for various roles as well as statistics on training, news items and testimonials from course delegates.

Since May, about 500 users have completed one or more of the six courses currently available. The online e-CRM training course has been translated into Spanish, German and Dutch allowing access for European sales representatives. The portal provides a more cost-effective method of training than tutor-led classroom-based courses. It reduces the time spent travelling to and from training sessions. It also brings training up to date with the rest of the e-business working environment.

MSB - paper-free contractor tracking
As a global provider of human capital services specialising in IT, MSB wanted to transform itself into a true e-business in order to become more efficient and generate faster responses, simplify administration and reduce the cost of processing and managing candidates.

With more than 40,000 IT contractors in its database and some 10,000 European client contacts, it needed a system that would capture data from different departments and allow this data to be accessed, used and tracked by multiple users across the organisation. This was achieved using business process management platform Metastorm E-work.

The system allows any MSB office to complete a contractors out form, used when temporary staff are posted to new jobs, directly from the intranet portal. This process alone has saved 32 minutes in every hour per completed form, giving a cost saving of more than £100,000 over a three-year period.

Zynap - from skills matching to retention
Zynap's workforce management software comprises three core solutions - hire, deploy and retain. The full package helps manage CV and job vacancy information to aid initial recruitment and the subsequent deployment and retention of key staff. Competitive advantage is gained through being able to match full job requisitions to candidate CVs (as opposed to key-word searches). Once contact has been made with the candidate, the software enables full relationship management.

The software handles free text data, such as CVs, in such a way that the computer is thinking and processing information in a human manner, through the easy storage and retrieval of data with the minimal amount of manual processing and content categorisation.

Zynap's HR software successfully integrates neural network technology into its application. It has been designed to handle global corporations with more than 1,000 employees and can therefore support large volumes of data, transactions and users. Zynap currently powers the and SmartMatch Web sites.

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