Xerox makes global services push

Xerox is to launch a consulting division aimed at helping users deploy content, knowledge and document management systems.

Xerox is to launch a consulting division aimed at helping users deploy content, knowledge and document management systems.

One of Xerox Global Services' goals is to determine quantifiable metrics for demonstrating return on investment for knowledge and content management projects. These traditionally have been difficult to measure in terms of cost savings and productivity gains, said Jim Joyce, president of Xerox Connect.

Xerox Global Services will bring together existing Xerox services and product groups from around the world into a single structure. The division will use Xerox products, as well as third-party technologies.

Xerox Global Services is coupling services and products for content management, knowledge management and document management, which are necessary for solid integration, according to Joyce.

"To think you buy knowledge management or content management in a box is crazy. Document management has been available for years, but managing a document is a difficult task for most organisations," he said. "You can buy technology, but unless you can integrate it effectively into a business process you won't get the results."

Xerox Global Services comprises two units: Business Innovation Services and Managed Services.

Business Innovation Services begin typically with a discovery process, designed to find out whether a company needs knowledge management. The unit also looks at where Global Services expertise can be used and establishes metrics for the deployment.

"It is important to define the discovery process of problems in the services to gain results because more problems are cultural than technical," Joyce said.

The Managed Services unit offers post-implementation support.

Xerox Global Services will tap into its Xerox Palo Alto Research Centre, using years of research and development aimed at understanding how people interact with technology, Joyce said.

The centre has explored the social and technical components about how people and processes work together.

"It is about understanding where knowledge is and how it is found. By working with human elements of this, there are real things you can do to help people embrace the technology and incorporate it into the workflow," Joyce said.

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