Oracle opens its toolbox to updates

Oracle has rolled out a new edition of its JDeveloper toolbox, with a focus on Java, performance and Web services.

Oracle has rolled out a new edition of its JDeveloper toolbox, with a focus on Java, performance and Web services.

This latest incarnation of JDeveloper completes the 9i trio and includes features for better performance, Web service, and tighter integration with Oracle's application server.

"This is a major rewrite of our developer tools," said John Magee, director of 9i marketing at Oracle.

Oracle is promoting its tools for the Java side in much the same way that Microsoft does for .Net, Magee continued.

To increase developer performance, Oracle has included built-in profiling, which enables programmers to measure execution and code they have written. A Code Coach feature gives users feedback on performance problems and suggests replacement code where appropriate.

Oracle already supports simple object access protocol (SOAP) on the server side, but the new tools support SOAP, universal description and discovery (UDDI) and Web services description language (WSDL). JDeveloper also includes wizards that make transforming systems and applications into Web services easier.

Most of the tools vendors are working to ease the deployment of Web services. In May, Borland issued a version of its Delphi tools that enables programmers to Web services-enable their applications without rewriting a lot of extra code.

Other tools players, such as WebGain with Application Composer and Rational Software with DevelopmentStudio, are also equipping their software to help developers create and deploy Web services.

Magee said that another benefit of Oracle's new toolset is tighter integration with the application server, including business intelligence and modelling. Oracle now joins the ranks of IBM with its VisualAge tools, Microsoft with the Visual Studio suite and Sun Microsystems' Forte.

Analysts commented that these vendors need tools that are integrated with the application server. "They attract a certain type of customer that demands that level of integration," said Mark Driver, an analyst at Gartner Group.

JDeveloper will be available in December as a free download from Oracle's Technology Network.

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