Fiorina outlines product migration plans

Hewlett-Packard and Compaq have already drafted a detailed integration plan that will offer customers a clear product migration...

Hewlett-Packard and Compaq have already drafted a detailed integration plan that will offer customers a clear product migration path one month after the companies' proposed merger closes, according to HP chief executive Carly Fiorina.

Speaking at Gartner's Symposium/ITxpo, HP's chief executive officer and chairman, Carly Fiorina said: "You ought to expect the plan in about one month, after this merger closes everyone will know what their migration path will be."

HP did not provide specifics about the integration plans, but Fiorina assured the audience that "customers will not be confused."

Fiorina also pledged that enterprise customers would be informed who their account representatives are within a month after the merger is approved.

Fiorina told Gartner analysts that HP and Compaq put together integration, business and regulatory plans before they met with banks regarding the deal.

"This isn't about a deal or a transaction, but about creating a stronger company," she said.

Commenting on the merged company's future, Fiorina indicated that HP/Compaq would offer a third option to IT managers, who currently choose from purchasing all their products from a single vendor, such as IBM, or buying from a variety of vendors and integrating the disparate products in-house. HP/Compaq, Fiorina claimed, would strive to be a vendor that allows customers to buy products from a variety of providers while also helping them put these multi-vendor systems together.

The merger will allow HP and Compaq to save billions by eliminating duplication in areas such as research and development, administration, sales and procurement, she said. These are savings the merged company will enjoy no matter what the economic climate is, she added.

Fiorina said the integration of product lines would be guided by real world experience of how customers have been using HP and Compaq equipment.

She warned that while HP will strive to protect customers' investments in its products, customers should not expect all products to survive the merger.

The merged company will carry the HP brand, but some product lines will continue to carry the Compaq brand, she said.

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