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Wanted: Internet exploiters

Insurance giant Legal & General is out looking to hire exploiters. These are not people who mis-sell pensions. These are people, says Margaret Smith, e-business director at L&G, speaking at last week's Computer Weekly 500 meeting, who will help the insurer get the most out of the Web

"We want exploitation analysts to exploit e-business," she told IT directors at the Institute of Directors to hear how to optimise the relationship between IT, the business and e-business. "Rather than normal business analysts we want lateral thinkers who can work out things in a different way," Smith added.

To emphasise the point, she said, "I want my department renamed as the exploitation department."

The key currency for e-business success will be ideas - thinking beyond the norm, making connections others haven't made yet and, said Smith, finding strange bedfellows.

More on L&G's ventures in next week's Computer Weekly.

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