Bad Sectors - Maritime Safety Authority loves Gartner, Blu-Ray for servers

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority will only consider companies appearing in a Gartner magic quadrant for up to $10million of storage.

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority has issued a tender for up to $10million of storage, software and associated services but will only consider bids companies which “…  appear in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for MidRange and High-End Modular Disk Arrays [ID Number: G00207396, Publication Date: 15 November 2010].”

The tender then names from EMC, NetApp, Dell, IBM, HDS and HP as the “leaders” from that quadrant.

Up for grabs is a site that currently operates “… an EMC CX3-40 Fiber Channel storage system, with a Brocade switch for fabric. Data replication to the Disaster Recovery site is performed in real-time synchronisation through 2 GB Fiber Channel circulation. The media archive solution is implemented on Commvault Simpana v8 (with Dell ML6000 tapes) library technology.”

“There is 18 TB of usable data on each site, which comprises of a RAID 5 array for file systems and a RAID 10 array for database systems. The raw disk capacity is 30 TB on each site. In addition, there is 7 TB of usable data (using a RAID 5 array) on SATA disks, for data archival purpose.”

The CX3-40 “is at the end of its support life”: and the authority wants to “the current SAN system to support its non-critical infrastructure, such as development and testing environments.”

The winning bidder SAN will need to tick most of the boxes on a list of current storage buzzwords, with thin provisioning, data deduplication and automated tiering all mentioned as essential. The Authority’s desired new SAN must also be able to support 160TB of storage in the next five years.

The full tender documents can be found here.

Blu-ray boost?

Plenty of storage folks will have noticed that Blu-Ray disks hold a handy 50 gigabytes of data. That’s not an awful lot of data, but may be useful in some situations. And it may be worth looking at given members of the Blu-Ray crowd occasionally lets slip a nugget of information about 1TB disks coming sometime soon.

Hence our interest in the new, $129, i iHBS212 internal 12x SATA Blu-ray writer from Lite-On, which reckons you’ll want one of these devices to make the most of your HD camcorder.

Go ahead and use it like that by all means, but play around with some Blu-Ray backup too. You can already get blank media and you might just be setting yourself up for a new wave of backup.

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