Mobile Security Update - AnyConnect released to the Android market

Cisco has followed up its release of the AnyConnect VPN client for Apple iOS devices with the launch of Cisco AnyConnect for Samsung.

Cisco has followed up its release of the AnyConnect VPN client for Apple iOS devices with the launch of Cisco AnyConnect for Samsung. Available from June 27 2011 AnyConnect is supported on the following devices:

  1. Galaxy S model GT-I9000 (Gingerbread Maintenance Release)
  2. Galaxy S model SC-02B (Gingerbread Maintenance Release)
  3. Galaxy S II model GT-I9100
  4. Galaxy S II model SC-02C

AnyConnect is also supported on Tab 7 running Android 2.3.3+ or Galaxy Tab 8.9 running Android 3.0+.

Android images must be official carrier or Samsung provided versions, and not home-brew or third-party builds of Android.

Cisco AnyConnect provides reliable and easy-to-deploy encrypted network connectivity from Samsung Android devices by delivering persistent corporate access for users on the go. This includes native application access to business email, a virtual desktop session, or most other Android applications.

Through the use of Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS), TCP-based applications and latency-sensitive traffic (such as voice over IP [VoIP]) are provided an optimised communication path to corporate resources.

Further details from the Android marketplace as below


  • Automatically adapts its tunnelling to the most efficient method based on network constraints, using TLS and DTLS
  • DTLS provides an optimised connection for TCP-based application access and latency-sensitive traffic, such as VoIP traffic
  • Network roaming capability allows connectivity to resume seamlessly after IP address change, loss of connectivity, or device standby
  • Wide Range of Authentication Options: RADIUS, RSA SecurID, Active Directory/Kerberos, Digital Certificates, LDAP, or multifactor authentication
  • Supports certificate deployment using AnyConnect integrated SCEP and the certificate import URI handler
  • Policies can be configured locally, and automatically updated from the security gateway
  • Access to internal IPv4 network resources
  • Administrator-controlled split / full tunnelling network access policy

Feedback has been mixed, with a number of Android users unhappy that only a small number of Android devices are compatible with the software. Users who have devices which are not specifically listed above will need to wait until the next release of AnyConnect in the Android market place. Further information is available at the Cisco website

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