XSI brand disappears as UXC Connects with data centre optimisation

One Australia’s most storage-centric IT consultancies, XSI, will disappear as its parent company UXC creates a new data centre optimisation practice.

XSI, the specialist storage consultancy operated by the UXC group of companies, is no more. The XSI brand will soon disappear into UXC’s newly-branded UXC Connect business, which merges Integ, XSI and UXC Connect (formerly known as Getronics) into a single company that takes that last unit’s name.

XSI forged a reputation as storage specialist and became a home for several niche storage companies. Compellent, for example, was resold by XSI before its acquisition by Dell. The company was also a partner of storage-centric specialist vendors like Qlogic, Overland, Emulex and Exagrid.

SearchStorage has met several small storage vendors who say that an XSI partnership was an important element of an entry to the ANZ market.

Ian Poole, newly-appointed CEO of UXC Connect, says he plans to retain XSI’ storage skills and emphasis.

“XSI ends up in our data centre optimisation portfolio,” he told SearchStorage ANZ. “We want synergy and scale and to compete more effectively, so we can offer greater breadth and depth of services and make it easier to compete with tier one competitors.”

“On the flipside we are losing some brand equity.”

That loss, he feels can be ameliorated if the company retains the skills that made XSI an important part of the storage world.

“My charter is that while we lose the brand we keep the skill sets and relationships,” Poole said, adding that the new company plans to preserve partnerships with smaller vendors.

“UXC Connect will continue to work closely with all its partners, including niche partners and new partners if need be, to provide the best technology solutions for our customers, so long as this technology is right for our customers’ needs.” ,” he said.

Storage vendors sad they have no problem with the XSI brand disappearing.

Chris Moyle, EMC’s ANZ Channel and Distribution Manager acknowledged XSI’s importance.

“XSI was an important storage-centric reseller for us,” he said, but added “We are excited that UXC Connect has chosen EMC as one of their key strategic vendors because we believe that the new combined entity will give UXC a skill set that will be a really good fit with VCE (VMware, Cisco and EMC). We look forward to seeing the full strategy and the role they see for EMC."

NetApp was also positive about the change.

“We are excited about the combined capacity of the UXC group and would like to congratulate the team on today’s announcement,” said Todd Parsons, NetApp’s ANZ Channel Sales and Marketing Director.

“We believe this new organisation will strengthen the overall relationship between our two businesses, as well as add benefits via UXC’s regional strength and expanded capabilities. UXC’s existing strong relationships with Cisco and VMware also works hand-in-hand with NetApp’s strategic alliance with those companies, Imagine Virtually Anything. Moving forward, we believe the UXC group will be a strategic partner for NetApp and we look forward to enjoying a strong working relationship together.”

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