Frucor Beverages takes SAP to the cloud

The Ggroup IS Manager of Frucor Beverages, a company best known for the V energy drink, explains how and why it will move a decade-old SAP implementation to Fujitsu’s cloud services.

Frucor Beverages, a company best known for the V energy drink, will move its decade-old SAP implementation to Fujitsu’s cloud services.

“The current contract we have runs out in April and is an old-fashioned hosting agreement,” said Paul Miller, Group IS Manager (Australia and New Zealand) at Frucor Beverages. “The challenge is that we have grown at such a rate that speccing out the type of hardware we will need three or four years out is very hard.”

A move to the cloud, by contrast, means the company can simply ask for more computing power when it needs it.

“In the past we would have had to buy an over-specced box and SAN and the vendor would have leased it back to us,” Miller told SearchCIO ANZ today. “Now we have flexibility and we can say we want this amount of CPU cores and disk and network throughput and we want to change it on the last day of the month for end-of-month processing.”

“It is a lot better us getting these guys [Fujitsu] to do it with this level of flexibility than going into another agreement where we put a box.”

Miller said he chose Fujitsu after becoming convinced its cloud services were secure and suited to SAP.

“Fujitsu also hosts banks in their data centre, and some of the security structures in place are for banks,” he said. “Knowing that Fujtsu is a key global partner as well and their level of SAP support here also gives us some confidence. They have a good data centre at Homebush in terms of security, bandwidth and proximity to our location. If we were going to do it ourselves, we just could not get to the kind of savings they could deliver.”

To make the move to the Fujitsu cloud, Miller and his team will first virtualise the application.

“Part of the problem [we have today] is that we are not virtualised. Microsoft did encourage us to look at Hyper-V, but Fujitsu made the call for VMware.”

Another technology decision in the new setup will see Frucor run on Fujitsu SANs.

“It was important to have a chat about the exact infrastructure Fujitsu would use,” Miller said. “Many of those on the cloud bandwagon had used some pretty cheap hardware. One of the things that got us excited about Fujitsu was the fact it is a hardware company and has some clever technology. From a CPU and a SAN perspective we were really excited about what they are doing.”

Miller also considered HDS for storage, but instead settled on Fujitsu’s Eternus SANs even though they are seldom mentioned in Australia.

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