Dell, Oracle at risk as Eastern Health replaces PACS system

Storage hardware from Dell and Sun/Oracle could be on the way out as Victoria’s Eastern Health upgrades its PACS system, but an EMC array seems safe.

Dell may well be the enterprise storage mover in 2011, but at least one of its local customers is at risk, with Eastern Health looking to replace a Powervault device as it upgrades its picture archiving and communication system (PACS) infrastructure.

Eastern Health issued a tender in which it says it wishes to “ ... upgrade/refresh the current Agfa PACS with a fast, reliable, secure PACS system that supports Eastern Health’s operational requirements for at least the next four to six years.”

The tender continues: “Critical to the evaluation of the EoI will be the registrant’s ability to demonstrate solutions to key system integrations, innovations in image distribution systems to ensure fast, seamless access to images for both reporting and reviewing at the major sites of Eastern Health and the seamless retrieval of archived examinations from the central storage facility.”

The central storage facility currently includes an EMC Centera array used for archiving, an Oracle/Sun 6140 Storage Area Network (SAN) and the Dell Powervault. The Centera seems safe, but the Powervault will be replaced as it is considered to have reached the end of its working life.

The tender has a question mark over the Oracle/Sun SAN’s future, as while it is not considered to have reached end of life it seems Eastern Health will consider its replacement if another SAN can integrate with Oracle/Sun PACS servers it intends to keep.

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