Converged infrastructure from Gartner’s perspective

No matter however complicated it may seem, converged infrastructure cannot be ignored. Gartner sheds light on this emerging trend in the Indian market.

Over the next two to three years, 30% of data centers will be using converged infrastructure for enterprise servers. With established vendors foraying into it, converged infrastructure or fiber-based architecture is becoming increasingly popular. However, most organizations fail to figure out if converged infrastructure really fits into their IT environments. At this year’s Gartner Summit held recently in Mumbai, Aman Munglani, the Principal Analyst and Rakesh Kumar, Research VP from Gartner spoke at length about this next-generation technology for enterprise servers.

Converged infrastructure incorporates powerful server capabilities as well as networking features in a single virtual server configuration. Thus, resources are not connected to a single machine, and tasks are undertaken at the hardware or fabric level. Converged infrastructure is an integration of component technology to create a pool of resources. Three key reasons, which make this technology lucrative for data centers include:

  • Commitment by major vendors. Cisco (UCS) and HP already have this technology in place.
  • Support towards increased trends in virtual machine mobility across network and storage, along with boosting the input and output.
  • Access to internal cloud infrastructure.

The reasons for not considering converged infrastructure are equally compelling. The primary cause is vendor lock-in, which is a chief information officer’s nightmare. Also, since it is not a tried and tested technology, it may add more complexity to the existing data center infrastructure. Considering the Indian market’s price sensitivity, it might be difficult for organizations to invest in converged infrastructure. It could be a challenge for data centers to spin their design around converged infrastructure and if it proves to be highly complex, the users could lose interest at the consolidation level itself. Despite these limitations, Gartner is of the opinion that organizations should try converged infrastructure, as it might just prove to be the right thing for them.

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