HDS responds to EMC's competitive assessment

HDS has written to SearchStorage ANZ with a rebuttal of EMC's competitive assessment that suggests the Japanese vendor sells for no profit.

Hitachi Data Systems has never been focused on being the cheapest price, however, we want to ensure that we are the most cost-effective for customers to own and run.

Hitachi Data Systems is the only vertically integrated storage vendor in the market (making the entire stack from the storage software, storage array down to the hard drive) and our innovations allow our customers to do more with less. This means that organisations purchase less physical storage and require less people to manage the environment as it grows, resulting in the ability to reduce total cost of storage ownership by up to 25% to 30%, while improving performance of existing arrays by up to 30%.

The key technology that enables these savings are storage virtualisation and dynamic provisioning. Today, over 14,000 customers are benefiting from Hitachi storage virtualisation.

Storage virtualisation allows organisations to get more out of their existing assets, which is particularly relevant when the assets’ practical life is coming to an end and there is still a book value on the asset. Organisations can automate their most labour-intensive data management operations and reduce costs while increasing asset utilisation at the pace of the business, as well as enable data mobility to allow them to dynamically change the performance and cost characteristics of an application. Storage virtualisation also allows a business to de-commission an old storage array in days instead of months with non-disruptively data migration.

Meanwhile, Hitachi dynamic provisioning software allows storage to be allocated to an application without actually being physically mapped until it is used. When an organisation combines virtualisation and dynamic provisioning it has the ability to reclaim captive storage (allocated but not used by the application) on its virtualised third party arrays - this can be as much as 50% of an organisation’s total storage capacity reclaimed.

With respect to VMware, Hitachi Data Systems invests heavily in ensuring tight integration between the VMware and Hitachi storage arrays. Hitachi Data Systems is a global alliance partner of VMware as outlined on their website: "The Hitachi product line delivers the following benefits to VMware customers: Archiving; Data Protection; Disaster Recovery; Business Continuity; Regulatory Compliance; Storage Consolidation and Management; Tiered Storage and Storage Virtualization. Maximize efficiency without sacrificing performance or protection."

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