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10 Atoms – plenty of storage

First off the rank this week is “grapheme memory,” a new, still-theoretical type of storage that can be built from strips of graphite a mere ten atoms thick. The memory would be solid state, but would make today’s Flash seem about as sophisticated as stone tablets, if Wired News and Nature Materials are to be believed.

Something that looks pretty similar is this ‘Nanopencil’, reported at Physorg.com and reportedly packing a terabyte of data into what looks like a sliver of pencil lead!

Holy holograms, Batman!

We’ll believe in it when holographic storage gets hot, which seems likely given this Technology Review piece about a 300G disk.

An open and shut case?

Another storage technology we’re waiting to see enthusiasm for is Sun’s Open Storage idea. Blogger and consultant Greg Cornfield chatted to three Asian CIOs who seemed less than enthusiastic about the idea.

Storagezilla has a look at EMC’s revised NetWorker 7.5 (we had the story a while back, but none of the nice pictures you’ll see here) while The Storage Anarchist has some video of what happens to EMC Symmetrix systems when they get old. The Amazon Web Services blog detailed a new collaboration with Capgemini around cloud computing.

Cloudy days ahead

Newsweek, of all publications, got excited about EMC’s Mozy cloud backup for home and SME users this week. The magazine says Mozy is already storing petabytes of data. Just when EMC will officially roll it out in ANZ remains a mystery.

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Free book download

We've also noticed a free book download from backup software vendor Acronis, which will let you get your hands on 'Business Continuity with Microsoft Windows Server 2008' if you fill in the form here.

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