Q&A: Best backup reporting tools

Backup Guru Curtis Preston lists his favorite backup reporting tools and explains why you would consider these products.

Q: What are some data backup reporting tools I can use? What are the benefits of using a data backup reporting tool?

A: These products are now referred to as Data Protection Management products. There are several in this space and we maintain a list of them on Backup Central. In alphabetical order, they are Aptare's Storage Console, Bocada'sEnterprise, EMC Data Protection Advisor, Rocket Software's Servergraph. Symantec Veritas Backup Reporter, Tek-Tools Software's Storage Profiler and TSMworks.

The main things these products do is help centralise the reporting of multiple data backup servers and products. In addition to that, they help with trending and analysis when you are trying to make your backup environment more efficient.

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