How to back up Microsoft Exchange Part Four

Everyone knows that lawyers can demand to see old emails years after they were sent. Best be able to archive Exchange data then...

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Archival software provides three critical functions:

  • Reduces the size of Exchange message stores and speeds up backups
  • Lets companies quickly search and produce emails for legal discoveries
  • Preserves emails for specific time periods

Now that archival software is an integral part of Exchange data protection, some backup software vendors are starting to integrate the management of archival software with their traditional backup software.

For example, Symantec has integrated its eritas NetBackup software and Enterprise Vault archival software in three key areas: data migration, recall and restore, and policy. Veritas NetBackup lets admins set a policy to migrate data from disk to tape under the management of Veritas NetBackup. However, data remains visible, searchable and accessible for Enterprise Vault users even if it's on tape. Requests for specific emails are passed from Enterprise Vault to Veritas NetBackup, which recalls data from whatever media it resides on.

As data expires in the Enterprise Vault archive, Enterprise Vault again sends commands to up to erase the data. The actual data erasure occurs in the background without any need for admins to get involved except when operators need to load tapes into tape libraries.

CA is alCA is also integrating its ARCserve Backup and Message Manager so they share a common policy engine, while CommVault's new Simpana 7.0 software suite permits users to store backups and archives in a single repository managed by the same policy engine.

Backup and beyond

Data proData protection requirements for Exchange now extend well beyond the traditional model of backup and recovery. Though backup software has been improved and takes advantage of new Exchange features, corporate needs for near real-time availability and access to any and all emails make near real-time failovers and archiving a prerequisite in most enterprise Exchange data protection strategies.

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