NetApp storage guarantee slammed in anonymous video at

A new and anonymous website contains a video that is highly critical of NetApp's storage guarantee, but points out that EMC's own guarantee is far simpler.

UPDATE: 3:30 PM, July 29th has been taken down and now redirects to


A new website,, contains a highly-critical but also highly anonymous video criticising NetApp's storage guarantee program.

The topic of storage guarantees has been a hot topic of debate for months, after EMC initially dismissed those offered by its rivals. Last May, however, the company introduced a guarantee of its own, earning criticism from rivals who recalled its previous crticism of the very idea.

On July 26th, the battle escalated when the video below appeared at a website,

Intriguingly, the site is very hard to identify.

A WhoIs lookup for the site reveals the registrar as "Domains by Proxy" a company that "... was conceived to deal with one of the biggest shortcomings of the Internet — the loss of privacy" and says it believes "... you should be able to keep your personal information private when you register a domain." The company therefore offers a " patented private registration process" to help domain owners acquire names anonymously.

The use of Domain by Proxy's services means suspicion about the source of will quickly fall on EMC.

We're going to ask EMC if it is behind the site, but for the time being have your say about the source of the site in our poll: 

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