Consumers lax towards security

A Symantec poll reveals despite the majority of consumers wanting pre-installed security on computers they purchase, few actually use it.

Around 75% of consumers want pre-installed security on computers they purchase, yet only 55% of consumers report that security software was pre-installed on their PC, according to a Symantec poll.

Only 52% of those who had a pre-installed security solution actually activated that software. Of that 52%, just over one-third (38%) purchased a full subscription at the end of the trial period, leaving a lot of computers unsecured.

The main reasons 19% of respondents gave for not registering or activating the security software were that they "didn't get around to it" or they "didn't think the software was necessary".

Matthew Drake, consumer spokesperson, Symantec, said the poll demonstrates the need to educate consumers to turn on their computer security and protect their systems.

"At a time when the whole world is connected, it's important for the home PC user to be secure."

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