Sectors – NetApp heads for the ghetto

Our weekly roundup of the storage blogosphere finds NetApp getting down with its homies on YouTube.

Oh dear. In an attempt to prove it's ... errrr ... street cred, NetApp has released one of the saddest pieces of marketing we've ever seen, a parody of a rap freestyle battle between itself (operating under the name “EnTap”) and the evil “E-squared.”

If you really want to hear data deduplication given the hip-hop treatment and are not offended by crass appropriation of popular culture, click on the video below.

We're not quite sure what to make of it. Is NetApp trying to target the hip-hop community? We can imagine rappers everywhere are now planning to bling out their SUVs with a NAS … not! Or is the point that if Tupac had a NAS, he would be alive today?

The clip is just the latest volley in the never-ending battle between NetApp and EMC, which has broken out again this week, with the latter's Chuck Hollis still the protagonist.

Hollis, for what it is worth, cranked out 5,400 words of blog postings in the week commencing February 23rd by our count.

He's also managed to pen seven comments to one post, titled “I don't get it” in which he berates NetApp's pricing and approach to virtualisation.

Chuck, you may remember, is EMC's “VP -- Global Marketing CTO” (whatever that means). The word marketing is in there so we'll assume blogging is part of his role. But 5,400 words? Sheesh! That's an impressive total - even for a website editor such as yours truly.

Throw in the fact that Storagezilla is also an EMC staffer, as hinted at in this post that touches on last week's free de-dupe in Celerra announcement and we begin to wonder who's running the EMC show, given the massive blogging effort going on!

Business as usual

There's more recognisable work - and no hip-hop - from HDS' Hu Yoshida this week, as he contemplates the difference between thin provisioning and dynamic provisioning. The Storage Architect is also serious this week, offering a two-parter on data migration.

The Zerowait High Availability Blog returns us to the kind of silliness we like on this page, looking at zombie storage. Stephen Foskett looks at Hitachi GST's stampede into consumer/SOHO storage. And Drunken Data offers 5 Myths of Mainframe/Distributed Storage Management, again without hip-hop.

In fact, we think it will be a while - a long while - before we have hip-hop to report again!

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