Sectors - Dodgy data in HP survey?

Our weekly trawl of the storage blogosphere finds a writer accusing HP of putting a favourable spin on survey data

TechTarget ANZ has little love for vendor-sponsored surveys. Nor, it appears, does the blogger behind Drunken Data, who this week accuses HP of misunderstanding some research.

He even writes:

“ … if HP is really using these numbers to guide their own business planning, they are in for a real world of hurt. If you are invested in the company, and this data is guiding their business plans and outlook, be afraid. Be very afraid.”


Perhaps HP needs to read more of Storagebod, who has designed the ultimate array, blending features from multiple vendors. Sounds impossibly cool, just like this nascent iPhone app to calculate capacity in NetApp environments.

This column finds that in most weeks, NetApp and EMC sling mud at each other online. But not this week. EMC’s Chuck Hollis has been too busy reporting on the company’s Strategic Forum to have his usual competitive wafts. NetApp, in turn, has gone all futuristic, contemplating 10-year technology trends.

But the most relevant blog in the feud is probably Barron’s Tech Trade Daily, which reports one financial analyst’s opinion that EMC is due to lose market share. If you want some real snark, read into the comments as folks alleging to be former EMC workers dish it out on the subject of CEO Joe Tucci.

Stephen Foskett, meanwhile, has hung out at a big Microsoft shindig and come back with 10 storage features offered by the Gates Squad.

Analyst Steve Duplessie, meanwhile, wonders if Quantum is not quietly becoming the standard for data de-duplication. We’re certainly wondering about Quantum, too, after we noticed a job ad for its Adelaide offshoot, Rocksoft, saying the company is building “a multi-node, multi-threaded, robust, distributed data storage application.” We asked Quantum what that means and were told it means “development work involving our DXi-Series disk-based, deduplication solutions.” Watch this space!


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