SNIA hints at cloud storage standards

The Storage Networking Industry Association has issued two papers on cloud storage standards.

The Storage Networking Industry Association's Cloud Storage Technical Working Group (TWG) has issued a Cloud Storage Reference Model and a document describing Cloud Storage Use Cases.

The Reference Model contains what could be interesting hints at the directions for future standards, stating that in any future “SNIA Cloud Storage Data Storage Interface” or “SNIA Cloud Storage Data Management Interface” will need to ensure that:

"Object & Containers shall be accessible through a (MIME-Typed) URL that can be embedded in a web page and accessible through a browser. IETF RFC 2616 based retrieval of objects. It should be possible to “fix” that URL as part of the service (doesn’t
change while the object is with that vendor).

Feedback on the documents is welcome, through SNIA's Feedback Portal or the Cloud Storage TWG's Google Group.

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