EMC, NetApp lock horns again, as Emulex, Pillar and Xiotech enter the fray and IBM gets whacked

The storage blogosphere is whipping itself into a frenzy ahead of VMworld, with EMC and NetApp finding time for yet another online brawl, as a new batch of vendors get into the malign spirit of storage industry blogging.

Hooray! NetApp and EMC are at each other’s throats again!

The action starts here at Chuck Hollis blog, where he declares the future does not need a filesystem. We think the subtext is that the world especially does not need a sissy filesystem like the one that is NetApp’s bread and butter.

NetApp’s Alex McDonald fires back and accuses Hollis of being a dinosaur, offering an example of why newer approaches mean filesystems are useful and saying they illustrate “how far things have changed since Chuck banged away with Unix pipes and vi in the1900s” before saying Hollis’ post is “an attempt to make Atmos relevant.”

Our second set of combatants this week comes from an unusual source, Emulex and Qlogic. Now if you’re scratching your head and asking “Emu-who” or “Q-what”, let us fill you in. The pair make the unglamorous bits of SANs, generally the connectivity bits like network adapters and host bus adapters. Emulex has absolutely unloaded on its rival in this post. Qlogic’s reply is nonexistent and its blog is lame, but we suspect this will soon be a corner of the blogosphere to watch, unless the corporate comms team at on or the other decides to behave with dignity.

There’s also a brawl going on between storage tiddlers Xiotech and Pillar, both of whom have adopted the “cash for clunkers” moniker that attached itself to a US scheme whereby owners of old cars get federal handouts to trade up to sleek, new, green, economy-stimulating vehicles. Drunken Data mentions the war here (and also has a funny post about analyst Twittering here). For what it is worth, here’s Xiotech’s appropriation of the phrase and here’s Pillar’s – a full 11 days downstream by our count.

Another stoush features EMC employee Scott Waterhouse, who blogs as the Backup Blog and takes on IBM in a post disputing Big Blue’s scalability mantra regarding TSM. (And in case you missed it, if TSM scales so well, why is Australia’s department of foreign affairs and trade ditching it for CommVault, which is generally held to be a midmarket play?)

Another swipe comes from StorageBod, who compares NetApp’s Data ONTAP 8 to Duke Nukem Forever, a game that was delayed so often Wired had to ban it from entering its annual vapourware awards.

StorageBod also gets angry about overused and floppy definitions of cloud computing. StorageZilla is in the same mode and it’s not hard to imagine that posts like this one from NetApp’s Dave Hitz and this one from Chuck Hollis are in their sights.

Phew! Time for a break – let’s check a photo from Virtual Geek of the colossal Cisco unified computing rig being deployed for VMworld.

(While we’re on the show, don’t forget – your editor will be there! You’ll find me lurking around the press room or anywhere near free beer. Why not tweet me (I’m @ssharwood) and we can meet – maybe at the VMworld party?)

Tired of tiering?

The ongoing blogosphere debate about tiering shows no signs of petering out, with HDS’ Hu Yoshida firing up again this week and Online Storage Optimzation having a go too. A brace of bloggers also have a look at hard disk efficiency, namely Stephen Foskett and StorageMojo.

There’s also a couple of posts about storage and money out there. Symantec’s Phil Goodwin lands at Storage Nerve with a piece on taming storage budgets as Zerowait ponders if that’s going to be hard given the fall of the US dollar compared to Asian currencies. HP decides it’s right, again.

We’ve found a new blog this week, from Spectra Logic. It’s a bit tame so far but we’re sure they’ll get angry with someone eventually. Someone who never gets angry, however, is Preston de Guise who gets namechecked by StorageZilla this week and then uncorks his usual flood of stuff, most recently his explanation why backup does not suck.

Lastly, 3Par has threatened to put yours truly in one of their surreal videos. So to give you all a taste of what might happen, here’s its latest effort. See you in San Francisco!

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