HDS/Sun partnership ends

HDS Australia says it is working on plans to transition customers in the wake of Sun/Oracle's decision to end its reseller relationship with HDS.

The reseller relationship between Oracle/Sun and HDS will end on March 31st, according to a letter published on the blog of Chi Corporation VP and storage podcaster Greg Knieriemen.

The letter says, in part:

Hitachi Data Systems and Sun Microsystems have enjoyed a successful business partnership. On March 31, 2010, the current distribution agreement that Hitachi Data Systems and Sun Microsystems have been jointly operating under for the past nine years will come to an end.

The letter suggests HDS will become responsible for customers it acquired through the Sun relationship, as it states:

Hitachi Data Systems will be answering all questions and concerns with solid transition programs and will focus on meeting the demands of the continued excitement in the marketplace around the Hitachi Data Systems technology and the unique leading edge solutions that the Hitachi Data Systems brand has, and will continue to bring to market. These solutions will continue to be made available to you and your customers under the Hitachi Data Systems brand name.

Tim Smith of HDS Australia told SearchStorage ANZ confirmed the details of the letter and said that Oracle and HDS "have sat down and looked at joint strategies" around how to arrange a transition for local customers.

"We still expect to have a very close strategic relationship with Oracle, which we have had for years," Smith said. "The exact specifics are being negotiated and we are working with Oracle on structured transition plans."

Smith added that he does not expect disruption for customers, as HDS Australia already has relationships with many organisations who acquired its products from  Sun, as they often acquired some HDS products from Sun and bought others directly from HDS.

HDS nonetheless plans outreach to all customers.

"We will engage will all affected customers because they are valued HDS clients and look forward to ensuring we transfer customers effectively," Smith concluded.

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