Has Symantec “fired” 600 storage developers, bloggers dissect EMC’s big global storage cloud

ESG Analyst Steve Duplessie says Symantec has fired 600 storage staff, but the storage blogosphere is silent on the subject, preferring to bicker about EMC, TSM, NetApp and HDS.

ESG Analyst Steve Duplessie tweeted something very interesting earlier today when he wrote “Symantec shot 600 mostly Veritas folks yesterday in Bay Area. House cleaning or other?”

He’s since backed up that assertion with a blog post re-stating the “shooting” claim and making it plain that he means terminating employment when he wrote:

Yesterday, Symantec canned 600 or so VxFS (file system – which rode on the coat tails of the volume manager, and was how the company first made piles of dough), VxVM, and VCS (Cluster server) developers and engineers.

We’ve asked Symantec if there’s any truth in the post, because only Duplessie has the story (at least so far as we can tell from a scouring of Google News). Watch this space.

Another thing we wonder about the truthfulness of is EMC’s Great Big Global Storage Cloud thingy, announced in Chuck’s Blog after an EMC Webinar.

Bloggers seem inclined to interpret the post as vapourware sprinkled with social media pixie-dust, with Storagebod taking it as some shiny but insubstantial marketing and Greg Schulz also wondering if the announcement is not a little vaporous. Ray On Storage is more positive. Of interest given the use of Chuck's Blog to spread news about the idea are these "Confessions of an ex-EMC blogger" from The Storage Alchemist, who thinks the company is less inclined to allow genuine independent content of late.

Should we meet?

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That doesn't stop the true independents out there, with HDS’ Hu Yoshida under fire from The Storage Anarchist and The Storage Architect, who take issue with Hu’s views on virtualisation and utilisation respectively (why isn’t Hu’s blog called “Hu’s Views?”). Hu fires back, FWIW, in the never-ending tiering debate which 3Par steps into this week. (Are we alone in suspecting it will all end in tiers?)

Also narky is Pillar's*  Mike Workman, who rips NetApp. AboutRestore has something nasty to say, too, declaring TSM 6.1 “appears to provide minimal capacity savings while creating managemet challenges.” (Remember that the author works for SEPATON, folks!)

Another vendor copping some flak is Brocade, with Robin Simpson describes as “unravelling.”

Shining through the gloom is this post from VirtualGeek detailing actual co-operation between NetApp and EMC, who’ve teamed up for a charity initiative.

Thoughtful stuff

We’re seeing more and more really thoughtful blog posts around at present, often including technical deep dives.

Vendors and indies alike are getting into it and it’s good to see because, as I mention in passing on Infosmack this week, it’s not like the press can afford to do this stuff any more! (For more multimedia fun, check out this APAC virtualisation podcast from myvirtualcloud)

A few examples include Chi Corp’s reasons top 6 reasons for storage virtualisation, Preston de Guise’s musing on support contracts (and check out his NetWorker user survey too) and Information Playground’s clever question about clouds.

NetApp gets in on the action, through Nick Triantos and Vaughn Stewart. A new blog to us, “These Lights,” has an interesting look at The Case Against Microsoft Clusters in VMware Environments and StorageNerve thinks out loud about Symmetrix BIN files.

Perhaps a bit less insightful is Permabit declaring DeDupe 2.0 is upon us, but we do like Adaptec’s analysis of why it is silly to send Australians to CeBit.

Drunken Data’s in a feisty mood, but not as feisty as Canned Platypus.  IBM’s feeling self congratulatory, but with a thin premise and I feel like it’s time to file and get to the bottom of this Symantec rumour!

*Ooops! In an earlier version of this story I mistakenly said Mike Workman is from Compellent. He is of course from Pillar.Chalk one up for time-poor, under-resourced journalists dragging the craft down.

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