Analyst retreats from "Symantec fires 600" claim

UPDATED: Symantec has issued a statment denying its exit from the storage software market, as the Analyst who last week blogged that Symantec has "fired" 600 storage software developers and engineers has scaled back his claims. Symantec has not, however, denied job losses among its storage development workforce.

Steve Duplessie, the Enterprise Strategy Group analyst who last week tweeted and blogged an allegation that " Symantec canned 600 or so VxFS ... VxVM, and VCS (Cluster Server) developers and engineers," has retreated from that position and has, in comments on the original post, written  "... I may be full of s**t on the numbers here. Could have been conned by some bitter dudes who got canned. More to follow."

Duplessie has cited "Dozens of emails from canned folk" as his source for his original statements.

SearchStorage ANZ asked Symantec's Australian office if there was any truth to the statements in Duplessie's original post, and was told that the company does not comment on speculation or rumour.

Interestingly, one of the commentors on Duplessie's post is "DWhitehair" From the tone of the comments, "DWhitehair" is almost certainly Dean Whitehair, listed on Symantec's Analyst Relations Contacts page as the company's "Team Leader, Executive Programs, Mergers & Acquisitions." Whitehair's comment does not deny job losses, or Duplessie's assertion of their scale.


Symantec has issued a statment " ... to address erroneous speculation that Symantec is leaving the storage space or somehow de-emphasizing the importance of our Storage and Availability Management (SAMG) portfolio for our valued customers."

The statement goes on to say:

"Symantec is not exiting this space, and we remain committed to helping our customers who face significant challenges in managing storage growth and ensuring the availability of their critical information.

Symantec is 100 percent committed to our SAMG product portfolio. None of the SAMG products that we offer today are being discontinued. We are continuing to invest significant engineering resources in our core Storage Foundation and High Availability (SFHA) and Storage Management solutions. Some of the core areas where we are increasing investment are around Cluster File System, Dynamic Multi-Pathing, and value-added integration with VMWare environments."

Duplessie, meanwhile, has updated his blog post, stating:

Seems I’ve caused a shi#storm over this, which for a change, wasn’t my intent.  While I don’t know the real number, SYMC says no way is it 600 and no way are they even remotely all from those groups.  There are definetely swelling ranks amongst the Veritas Alumni clubs (yahoo, for example) which lends credence to the fact that folks are getting cut – but who knows if this is anything more than normal business.  EMC trims the bottom off every quarter, and has for decades, this could be nothing more than normal grooming.


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