SurveyWatch: Malware... dead?!

The almighty Trend Micro has decreed that malware is dead and gone. Or has it?

It's time to kneel down and praise Our Lord Trend Micro, as according to the divine security provider's Threat Roundup and Forecast Report, "The era of the global malware outbreak is over".

That's right - malware is dead. We are free. After all these years of diligently updating our virus definitions and constantly checking our firewall's blocked application list, we can finally hang up our guns, retire to our front porch and sit naked and defenceless thanks to our glorious leader's tireless efforts in preventing...

Oh wait. No. Sorry. While the era of global malware is indeed over according to Our Lord TM, it's only the beginning of the dreadful hackers' attempts to overrun our PCs and reduce us all to zombified propagators of spam. Probably should have read further before getting excited.

You see we're now entering the era of the local malware outbreak. Not global. Local. Attackers now "attempt to go undetected" when pushing malware (they used to politely inform users when they had penetrated their computers), by localising the content of the emails in which their payload is carried.

The report goes on to say that botnets remain the most powerful tool of malware authors. Our Lord TM predicts that "these web threats will continue to permeate the online computing experience for users all over the world".

So... the global malware outbreak is only just beginning?!

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