SurveyWatch: Something doesn't add up

Unisys has profoundly stated that Australians don't like their personal info being spread around. But, for Unisys, in the game of stats it seems 2 + 2 = 5.

Unisys has today dazzled us with the astounding news that Australians don't like the idea of their personal information being spread around by companies.

The report said one fifth of Australians were unaware of the practice of outsourcing business functions, which necessitates the transfer of personal information.

85% of people surveyed wanted stricter controls on who has access to their outsourced personal information.

So: 85% of Australians have a strong opinion on a subject that 20% of Australians don't even know exists.

Return tomorrow for a SurveyWatch entitled Australians don't know what viruses are but don't like them anyway.

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