NetApp mum on Data Domain buy, EMC letter, but angry at HP

Our weekly journey into storage blogosphere finds only silence from NetApp on the subject of its bid for Data Domain, but loudly criticising HP for fibbing about its filers

Listen to that. Can you hear the silence?

It’s the sound of NetApp’s bid for Data Domain and it is very, very quiet indeed on the subejct (but not on HP's claims about its products).

EMC, of course, shot off its open letter to Data Domain employees earlier this week, an act that sparked a blogosphere frenzy of analysis about whether EMC is as cool as it is trying to make out.

Information Playground, whose author was acquired by EMC along with Data General, says Yes. So do a whole bunch of other EMC employees.

Opinion is split among independent bloggers. Zerowait thinks EMC buying Data Domain is a good idea. StorageBod thinks EMC will do a better integration job, but AboutRestore thinks EMC is just a spoiler and is trying to get up NetApp’s nose

And NetApp? Well … as we said at the top of the post, it says nothing. Which could be because the lawyers have told its bloggers to step away from their keyboards. Or, worse still, the PR people …

What else is out there?

We love a good ratification and VirtualGeek notes that Fibre Channel over Ethernet is now 100% official.

Plenty of other posts, however, are full of bad news.

Steve Foskett reckons Apple’s new Snow Leopard may not have payed enough attention to storage. NetApp’s “Missing Shade of Blue” blog attacks HP for misrepresenting its products.

Storage Mojo reckons EMC sales people are ignoring its Atmos cloud storage platform, lest they eat their own lunches along the way. HDS’ Christophe Bertrand also has it in for the company, continuing to hack away at V-Max and dealing it the ultimate insult by comparing it to Windows Vista. Rounding out the grumpiness, Storage Architect has decided that Thin Provisioning is not the way to utilisation happiness.


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