EMC to bake security into everything, boost consulting efforts

In a TechTarget Australia Exclusive, EMC's President for Asia-Pacific and Japan reveals the company's plans to release the first products using RSA technology in Q1, 2007.

Storage administrators can EMC's acquisition of RSA to impact its products in the first quarter of 2007, when Steve Leonard, the company's President for Asia-Pacific and Japan, says security features will start to appear across the company's range of products.

"Security has historically been more about perimeter security," Leonard told searchstorage.com.au.

"We want to move to security of information when it is 'at rest.'"

To do so, Leonard says EMC is working with RSA staff to "bring what they do now so we can see how stored information can be accessed by a select group of individuals."

"We are having engineer to engineer discussions between the RSA team and EMC people. The teams have only been together for a few months and in terms of what it will at mean at a product level nothing is determined and nothing is integrated yet."

"But we are starting to talk to key customers and saying 'would it be helpful if this product had this included?'"

Leonard said these efforts are a priority and that the company hopes to release RSA-infused products "as soon as possible, because security is such an important issue for our customers."

Another initiative the company is pushing is increased education of how businesses can put information to work, Leondard said.

"I met customer this afternoon [in Sydney] who said that tiered storage is priority that creating the taxonomy of their information [so they can understand which tier it belongs in] will require such a huge amount of work that they really need to have a discussion about how to get started."

"We are trying to invest in consulting group of highly experience professionals to help customers with data classification, to help customers understand how their unstructured data get searched and preserved."

This effort, Leonard said, is being emphasised because in the past "We have not had as many of the advisors or coaches to help customers think through that problem."

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